About Us

Gordon & Sons Water Well Drilling originally started with Tom Gordon blacksmithing in northeastern Ohio. Tom and his sons received an oil field contract to repair and make oil tools, which took them to Wyoming. Soon they found they could earn a better wage working on the oil rigs. Doing this eventually brought them to Deerfield, Michigan. While drilling for oil they saw the need for drilling water wells. Tom's sons now had families of their own and the benefit of staying in one place became obvious. Tom and one of his sons, Roy, decided to settle in Petersburg, Michigan, and begin drilling water wells. The year was 1919 and Gordon & Sons Water Well Drilling officially started.

Gordon & Sons started with Tom his son Roy. Roy & his son, Glen, became the next generations. Eventually, Glen & his son Butch took over. Today Butch with his son Phil, and his granddaughter Nicole represent the 4th, 5th & 6th generations of Gordon & Sons Water Well Drilling Inc. proudly serving southeast Michigan.

New equipment came along with each generation of Gordon & Sons. The rigs were steam-powered and horse drawn in the early years. These turned into gasoline engines pulled by tractors. Today, the massive red and blue rigs seen traveling the highways are powered by diesel engines. Gordon & Sons has grown to also include a service division to meet all of your well and pump needs.

Of course, entire families have been involved in the business. In the early years wives brought meals to the workers. As the business grew, spouses manned the office and handled the accounting. Patricia Gordon, Butch's wife, became the first full-time office worker. Today Phil's wife, Kimberly, and their daughter, Nicole, assist Phil with the office side of the business. Jason, Phil's nephew also helps with the day-to-day drilling and pump operations.

Over the years payment has included everything from cash, merchandise and even livestock!

Honesty, integrity and a positive attitude about hard work have always characterized our values and service to our community. Thanks to the vision, energy, and efforts of six generations of Gordon families, Gordon & Sons Water Well Drilling is proudly celebrating over 100 years in business!

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